Re: Offshore Health Insurance

Naomi Tabata <naomitabata@...>

Hi Will,


Absolutely agree with a previous note that it depends on your situation and level of comfort. For our three year cruise, we chose to use DAN (, which has a plan that provides emergency transportation to the nearest facility where you can receive excellent care. That may not be your home country. They do not pay for the care when you get there, and they will not pay to return you to your boat after treatment. You do not need to be a diver to purchase coverage. However, the annual premium is very reasonable, and we felt it was wonderful peace of mind in the event of a major incident/accident. We are relatively young and healthy, and were travelling in the south pacific where health care costs were minimal (e.g. USD$12 for a gastro scope in the Marshall Islands). Most importantly, we know of people who were very well taken care of by this company when they had a need to call on their services.



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