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Jean Boucharlat

Dear All,

Although I have considerable respect for most every opinion proffered by
Bill Rouse I beg to disagree regarding the Amel 55.

Having been a very satisfied owner of two boats bought new from Amel, one
Maramu in 1981 and one SM in 1998, and having trialed the 55 as well as the
54, at my point in life (74), I would certainly consider owning a 54 but not
a 55. Why? Because the 55, in my opinion, is definitely a faster sailing
boat than her predecessors but she is probably not a better cruising boat.
Here are my reasons:

Positives of the 55:

Faster boat, pointing higher than a 54 or SM, due to a good hull design by

No slapping of waves against the hull in the aft cabin, again due to a
better hull design by Racoupeau

Rudder stock going through the hull in a watertight compartment (the
lazarette) making for a safer arrangement

Negatives of the 55:

Very high freeboard

One more step (4 against 3) to go up or down from cockpit to saloon

Very deep engine room, difficult to access, and very narrow to work in, by
virtue of its very depth

Disappearance of the large, and extremely useful, starboard cockpit locker,
now replaced by a small and shallow little thing, hardly sufficient for

Spreaders too angled. This makes for better pointing but also considerably
more mainsail chafing when abeam, a more usual point of sail when cruising.

No traveler to control the mainsail shape

Shroud chain plates not on the gunwales but moved inside, making it
significantly more difficult to walk forward

Helmsman seat much too large and permanent table in the cockpit both make
for an uncomfortable cockpit.

And for the “coup de grâce”, the extraordinarily practical water meter stick
has now disappeared!

Having said all this, I’d rather be at sea in a 55 than an Oyster, but I am
disappointed that Jean-Jacques Lemonnier has seen fit to discard so many of
the excellent features of Amel’s previous designs. But again, I’m now 74 and
probably just an old fart!

All the best to all of you,

Jean Boucharlat

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That is very interesting news. Maybe Amel did exactly the right thing with
the 55, but forgot that they needed to market a revolutionary Amel, one that
is an Oyster eater...raw, fried, sautéed, grilled, yada, yada, yada.

Joel just sailed his 55 Demo from Anapolis to Florida.

He would have first-hand ocean sailing data.

I hope he sees this and gives us a report.

I would love a 55, but after 9 years of sailing around the world and being a
little older, it is not in the cards for Judy and me. But, hey, look at the

Bill Rouse
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That's great news. Pretty impressive beating a Sundeer.

The new 55 is going to surprise a lot of people. It's a much more
performance oriented hull and after spending some time looking at polars and
coming up with some sailplan ideas, I was quite impressed. When you compare
polars to some comparable sized sloops with very tall rigs and deep keels,
it's going to leave a lot of boats behind that aren't used to being smoked
by an Amel.

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