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No no no no! Don't put antifreeze in your toilets. It will destroy all the rubber. Rins with fresh water. Close the valve and pump some vinaigre in to the hoses and holdingtank, and leave for a couple hours. Open the valve and rins the system again with fresh water and pump some corn oil into the system. Ready formthe winter.
The vinaigre is to remove some of the chalks that you get in the hoses when using salt water to flush the toilet with. The vineagre procedure I do ever 3-4 month.

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Hi all, the temperature is starting to go below freezing here in nyc. I bought 10 gallons of pink anti freeze from west marine to flush the seawater out of the engine and run thru the water heater and fresh water lines and pumps. I will also use some in the toilets and pour the rest in the bilge. This is my first I missing anything???? Has Amel printed an official checklist in it's owners manual ? Any advice is welcome other than going south for the winter.
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