Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Low House Battery

Mark Erdos

Thanks! This has given me a start point to begin to investigate.


Cindy was the one first on the boat and just told me the SSB breaker was in the on position. We have a secondary gyro-compass on this breaker that is always on. Perhaps over the eight weeks this was enough to discharge the batteries. I will check to see if these breakers are powered when the mains are switched off. I had just assume that the mains would shut off everything. Silly me.


Also, We have had some invertors issues with the 220 invertors. This is on the list for replacement. This was turned off, but I am now wondering if this caused another problem.


I will check the batteries later today and hope they pass the test.


Thanks for the feedback.





With best regards,




Super Maramu 2000

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