Genset heatexchanger


How nice to find this website! We are previous
owners of a Maramu and a Sharki and bought an SM 2000,
no. 302 . She is in England at the moment but we set
off in May for a few years. Absolutely delighted with
her. Two small problems which we would be interested
to hear from anyone else from <br> 1. The
heatexchanger on the Onan weeps very slowly and produces a
coating of white crystals. Onan replaced the first one,
assuming that there was a small fracture in the weld of
the elbow fitting where the seawater pipe fits on .
However the replacement is doing exactly the same thing.
I had assumed that the crystals were either dried
salt or the white paint being lifted off by seawater
but neither seems to be the case. Iqueried whether it
could be some form of electrolysis but the Onan guys in
England say not. They believe that the Onan anode is
unnecesary. They have been very attentive (the onan warranty
lasts for some years) but sofar it's got them puzzled.
We have about 200 hours use so far.<br> 2. Right
from the start we have had a very small weep of
gearbox oil from the forward end of the gearbox. Amel are
going to replace the seal when we call in at La
Rochelle in June, but I do Know of another SM 2000 which
has not been able to cure a similar problem despite
two new seals. They just now put up with it, placing
some kitchen roll paper underneath and changing the
paper every 50 hours or so. It seems almost a cosmetic
point but like most people I don't like anything that
leaks!<br> Good sailing and, once again, thanks to the guys
who thought up this website<br> Ian and Judy
Jenkins<br> Pen Azen

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