Stainless Steel Seawater Manifold

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I have received my stainless steel seawater manifold from Riza at Gozek Marine.  It came in 3 pieces - the ss manifold itself, a male-male brass connector, and a ss ball valve connected to a plastic 35 mm barb.  There are no gaskets between the 3 pieces.  Do I need to get the three pieces welded together, or will some sort of gasket material be appropriate?  I am concerned about preventing future leaks or air breaks at these connections and wonder what you have done/will do to insure the integrity of these connections, as I believe you ordered a similar manifold.  Will Teflon tape do it?  I would value your advice on this.


On another note, I was reviewing your excellent posting in the photos section on cleaning out the sea water distribution system to get rid of accumulated growth of mussels and barnacles etc.  Luckily I have not seen much of this growth to date, but perhaps that is because Brava has been spending 6 months at a time on the hard, with fresh water in the distribution system. I would bet that the marine growth does not like that at all. For those who do see growth, I note that you recommend using some Clorox solution and brushing to remove growth in the seawater system, followed by running the toilets until no more chlorine is smelled.  I am concerned that use of chlorine in the seawater distribution will put the dessalator membranes at risk. I understand that those membranes are extremely sensitive to chlorine. The filters we have installed prior to the dessalator are only sizing filters that will not remove residual chlorine that might have diffused down the dessalator seawater inlet line.  I think that boats that have installed an additional carbon filter to remove any possible chlorine from the fresh water rinse have installed the carbon filter in a way that would not catch chlorine present in the seawater intake.  Do you feel that my concern is misplaced?


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SM2K #400 Brava

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