Main Sail Roller Battens

Jose Venegas

I am considering buying new sails for may SM2K and the sail maker suggested that the RBS Roller Battens could allow increasing the roach in the upper part of the sail, or at lest reducing the negative roach of the roller furled main and mizzen sails.  I had one of these battens on my hand and they are quite interesting:  They can support compression quite well but once they start to roll they flatten and allow easy rolling.  So, if they are placed perpendicular to the leach and not to the mast, they will roll as a corkscrew upward, without adding much to the local diameter of the furled sail.  Having had problems furling the main in no wind conditions, I imagine these battens would prevent the twisting of the leach that usually causes jamming of the main.  

 Question is: Has  any one direct or indirect experience with this type of batten?

Ipanema SM2K shrinkrapped in Boston Harbor, brrrrrr.

RBS Roller Battens | RBS Batten Systems

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