Painting deck stripes - pictures

rbenven44 <no_reply@...>

Following the advice posted here by Harmonie a couple of years ago,
we painted the deck stripes on Excalibur last November. Excalibur is 8
years old, and in need of deck attention (we probably scrub the decks
too much!!)
I have posted some pictures on this web site for those who want to
see what it looks like, (before and after). We are very pleased with
the results. We used the Embee striper, as recommended, and one-part
polyurethane paint (50% brown, 50% black). It took 6 days at 3 hours
per day for the decks, and 2 days for the cockpit. After letting the
paint dry for a few days, we coated all the surfaces with Polytrol, a
French product recommended by Mr. Selo at Amel. The decks look like
new. The picture of the re-painted forward deck areas show before-and-
after of applying Polytrol.
Any questions on how to do this, please contact me.

Regards, Roy on Excalibur SM#195

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