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Interesting.  I assume if you have too few cones, the angle to the waves increases above 20 to 30 degrees. Am I correct?

BTW, we have a drogue exactly like yours. It has never been wet...yet.

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Dear Jean-Pierre,

I can’t really explain what it is like on a drogue but you do not slide down the back of a wave. Imagine a duck sitting on the water . The duck just goes

up and down the waves. The waves just run under the boat and you never have to worry about pitch poling or slamming backwards down a have. I hope you never have to experience it but it is quite interesting to watch the drogue in action and experience the smooth ride.

You will probably be sitting at about 20-30 degrees to the waves due to the windage on the boat.

Fair Winds


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Dear Eric,


Thank you for your comments.


I have Davits, solar panels and HF whip antenna installed on the stern… obviously, I will have to engineer a few “boat specific” changes to make it work well.  I will be on the boat in 3 weeks.


Your point is taken regarding the 147 cones … I will go for that.  I still dont want to go downhill astern on the back side of the wave… :-)  


Anecdote: A friend was a tank commander in the past and if they missed a downshift (before auto trans in tanks) when going uphill, then the tank would start moving backwards down the hill… they did not like that as the brakes were not man enough to stop the beast … he called it “Mexican overdrive” and said it was not fun!


Many thanks,


Jean-Pierre Germain

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Dear Jean-Pierre,

I found that the best attachment points on the boat are the stern cleats.

I do not understand why you would want the bridles attached to the mid ship cleats. When you need to recover the drogue it is quite easy using a rolling hitch.

Have the sailmaker splice 2 large eyes in the end of the bridle to slip over the stern cleats.

You will need some heavy duty chay missed a shift fe gear for the stern chocks and where the bridle passes the backstays. You should also fabricate a block of wood with some bolts to cover the stern chocks when recovering the drogue as the chocks left alone will tear up the parachutes.


You will need at least 3 people to recover the drogue. One at the stern to guide the drogue, one on the winch , hand tailing and making sure the horn of the primary winch does not tear the cones, and a third person to press the winch button.


Recovering the drogue must be done slowly and stopping the winch frequently. If not the motor will over heat and the internal override will shut off the winch motor.


With respect to the number of cones I would go with at least 147 cones I have 156 cones on mine.

We were doing about 3 ½ knots in 65-100 knots of wind. I think with a lesser number of cones you would be going too fast.

This was in 50-60 foot seas.

As a PS this is not the first time we used the drogue.


See this video of a boat 150 miles closer to the coast than we were .

Almost at the end of the video you will see the helicopter just touch the top of a 45 foot wave. 7 boats were rescued in this hurricane with 1 fatality. Scroll down to see the video.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite SM 376





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Hello Gang,


I am about to purchase this equipment.  Some customisation of the basic design is planned; I want the bridle attached at the mid ship cleats, then running aft for a turn on the aft cleats then into fairleads and astern to the drogue.


Has anyone done it this way before?  Anyone using the built in massive lift points?  All chafe points lined with heavy leather patches.


I will not go to the recommended full number of cones but use a drogue with 139 cones instead of the 147 cone unit. I would rather maintain more forward speed running down the face of a wave than stop at the crest and start a rearwards motion on the aft face.  Any comments on my reasoning?


Many thanks,



Jean-Pierre Germain

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