Jordan Series Drogue - I HAVE ONE FOR SALE

blowinahoudy <no_reply@...>

I purchased a new Jordan Series Drogue from Ace Sailmakers (East Lyme, CT) in 2009 prior to a circumnavigation with the World Arc.  This is for up to 45,000 lb loaded monohull.  Their price for nylon double braid and with two bridle legs and chafe gear was $2,266.  For New England Ropes Endura the price was $3,383 and I bought this one as it is lighter and takes up less space.  156 cones.  It has never been used (which is just fine with me).  It needs 20-25 lb weight for its end.  Will sell for $2,400.  Contact Joseph Metz, cell 772-539-2425, email josephrmetz@....  Located in Maine but can ship.

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