Mainsail furling gearbox

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Suppliers of these have been given several times on this site over the years, Try searching under this reference and the more likely one “main outhaul gearbox” which is the same supplier. I recall giving the name of the French supplier and the British Agent probably ten years ago and others giving the details much more recently. If I were not so senile I would try to find the details for you.
In practice it is only the big bronze drive gear that needs changing, other parts can be found at any good bearing supplier to be found in the Yellow Pages.
                Good luck,  Anne and John,  Bali Hai,  SM319,   for sale in Malta                              

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Try Riza at Emek Marine. I believe he manufactures these....
At least ask....

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I called Emilie over 2 weeks ago after two emails without response.  She was very pleasant, speaks English very well and said they were researching my request for a new main furling transmission/gear box.  I had sent photos as well with my original email.  Emilie indicated that they would probably have a response by Friday.  I have heard nothing back including a polite followup email asking for an update.  Any more suggestions?

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