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If you're using the Rutgerson, the results are quite predictable. They will fail and damage the sail. If you use short battens, you'll be limited as to the amount of leech hollow you can eliminate. You will also have excessive wear at the inboard ends of the pocket. If you look at any of my conventional mains, you can see that the partial battens are about half the girth of the sail. Most sailmakers have gotten away from the short leech battens for that and other reasons. 

I don't know what will occur with making the pockets at a 90 degree angle to the leech, but it will be interesting to see. 

As a sailmaker, if I owned a SM, I probably wouldn't bother with battens of any variety. My old Maramu had a conventional rig which suited me fine. 

Vertical battens have proven to be an acceptable compromise so it's a mystery to me why you would go to great expense and have ongoing repair needs just to reduce the leech hollow somewhat. 

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That is a very important observation that makes a lot of sence.  As the batten is flexed the steel in the inside will move relative to the one in the outside creating extra force against the end of the the protective covering.  Fortunately this potential problem can be completely prevented with proper design. 1) make the inner part of the batten a little shorter than the one outside and don't use long battens: if used perpendicular to the leach they will be smaller than the vertical or horizontal ones for the same leach.  2) making sure the ends are rounded and covered with plastic to prevent the shafe.  3) never leave them partially furled as they will continuously be flexing and likely will fatigue.  This is a true draw back as it puts a design limitation on the infinite number of reefs that the in mast furling sail can have without battens or with vertical battens.

 Thank you for bringing up this key point .  I will be happy to be a guiney pig with this design as I cant see myself puting rigid vertical battens on my amel.  

Some times innoavation comes through those who are willing to take the risks.


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