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Hi Chris
Can I ask you your boat name?
I stay also in Göcek during sommer time at Skopie Marina and for wintering in Yacht Classic Marina in Fethiye. Service done by Riza

SM #16 Tamango 2

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Sorry - I am Chris Flack in Melbourne Australia. I have Amel Super Maramu No 031 currently located in Gocek Turkey



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And you are??
One bad thing with this forum is that you have to write your name and preferrably boat name, model and number.  Nothing adds automaticly.
It is so nice to know how is doing the posting.
S/Y Lady Annila, SM #232 from 1998
Present in Chaguaramas

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I was advised to purchase the biggest boat i could afford by some American cruisers we met in Gocek Turkey - it was very sound advice. We bought a 1991 Super Maramu for 140,000 euro in pretty good condition and love her to death and can't wait to get back over there to see where she takes us.

I've sailed on a lot of production boats and have to admit the Amel has its quirks but then you say WOW!! how did they think of doing it THAT way?? :)





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Your budget is suited for a Maramu or Sharki. Both are great boats. I used to own one of the first Maramu's made, hull #29. In some respects, I like the idea of the old Maramu with conventional rig for high latitude work. There's less to go wrong (no thruster, no C-Drive, minimal electrical requirements, no in-mast furling motors, etc. etc.) Even if you can do your own work, a 150K SM is a major project boat, most likely a salvaged boat. If you can find a Mango, that's a good way to go as well, particularly the older ones as I mentioned previously that are simpler.

The people I know who have sailed extensively in polar regions tend to favor very simple boats. I personally have no experience in the high latitudes although I have been stuck sailing with ice on the decks, which I have vowed not to repeat. Ice is best confined to a cocktail glass. 


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