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Consider that your dinghy is like your shopping car. You use it a lot! 

We have a Caribe CX8, choosed that due to size since we have store in on the aft deck using a slide to get it on and off.
But it is a bit heavy when pulling it up in the beach, even with wheels, so next will be one eith aluminium bottom.

S/Y Lady Annila SM 232 

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On our Santorin we had a Caribe hard fibre glass bottom Dinghy. Sat on the foredeck for long passages. Certainly needed in the Pacific atolls.
Chris Smither, santorin Sloop Akwaaba

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We had one as a spare coming across the pacific for three years. Not a great option as primary because it cant hold the HP, fairly wet and is not hugely stable. Maybe if you bought one with the inflatable ring. Great for rocks and reef and can be generally smashed around. Up side is sailing rig option and ruggedness.
cheers stacey and michelle

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just out of curiosity and potentially looking at the pros and cons of such does anybody use one such as a walker bay or a trinka or others as your primary dinghy. 

Where do you keep it.  Aft or foredeck, davits? 

Thoughts in general.

Eric J. Meury
Omofi Thea

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