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I'm surprised that you were even able to get a quote from Pantaenius
to keep the boat in Texas gulf coast year round. Last summer the
Pantaenius US branch told us that they would not even write a policy
covering a boat that would be within the hurricane box during season.

I obtained quotes from several companies for 400k & 430k hull values.
All of them actually were writing the same policy -- from Great Lakes
Reins (UK)PLC, except for IMIS Al Golden. IMIS writes the Jackline
Policy, which is the only insurance company that is US and would be
under the jurisdiction of US legal system. The Great Lakes policy
does not fall within the jurisdiction of US legal system should you
ever have a serious problem with them.

American Marine Insurance Services $6290 for 400k hull and 500k
liability; no coverage if within hurricane box during season. This
was also the same Great Lakes reinsurance policy. That policy has
huge (20%) depreciation clauses, so read it carefully if you go that

C.A. Hansen in Ft. Lauderdale $6315 for 400k hull and 1M liability;
same Great Lakes policy.

Bluewater Ins would not quote that high a hull value; they limited to

I obtained several other quotes, but those are on my computer and are
not accessible at this time for me to share with you. (I am using a
friend's laptop to write this message) But all the quotes were within
the same price range.

We wrote with Al Golden at IMIS with the Jackline Policy. $5521 for
400k hull and 1M liability with the tender deductible reduced to 1k
deductible. Windstorm is not covered if we are within hurricane box
during season, but all other coverage still applies even if we are in
hurricane zone. No other policy offered this.

S/Y Security
SM2 #387

johnabo2003 <no_reply@y...> wrote:

As a potential Amel Super Maramu owner I was horrified by the quote
received from Pantaenius to keep an Amel with a hull value of
in the Texas Gulf coast.

Can anybody recommend an insurer that provides reasonable rates for
fair coverage - or a broker who provides good service?

John Abercrombie

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