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Hi Eric,
when on 1996 I bought Sunny Side, I put immediately a cover, to protect the rubber of the two push button switches. Even if one of them was already cracked, today, they are still working. This means that the switch quality is exceptionally good.
I looked several time  for a spare but no success.
Now if the switch shown on the Vetus web page you indicate has a diameter of 5/8" the problem will be fixed. Judging from the photo the length seams short enough to avoid a contact with the motor.
As you have a spare on board, please, could you check the diameter, next time you will be on Kimberlite?
Thank you and Fair Winds
Maramu 219 (02/87)

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If I recall correctly the Vetus switch that Amel used is
I am not sure as I have a spare on board and I am not near the boat.
If you look in the catalog you will also find the reversing relays that Amel now uses for the furling motors.
It is different than the original model but this is what Amel sent me as a spare.
Fair Winds
Kimberlite SM 376
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The problem with the switches on the winch is that the actual switch buttons under the rubber boot have sharp edges and so used as foot switches the boot gets cut through so if replacing them file the edges on the new button. The second problem is that these switches are too far aft to be able to watch the chain/anchor coming up easily and the third problem is that it is hard to find replacements, I did find one chandlery which had four such switches but none would do as a safe replacement. I have put in a deck switch wired in parallel with the up
switch but mounted further forward so that one can watch the anchor coming up or face the other way so that one can use the winch to take up halyards to hoist sails or lift a dinghy. Having said that I do like the idea of connecting the “Quick” manual or the Lofrans wireless control in parallel with the winch mounted switches. Deck mounted foot switches are cheap and reliable and totally waterproof as there needs to be one very small hole in the deck for the wire and the fit the switch with sealant and screws.
                   Anne and John,  Bali Hai,  SM2K 319,   for sale in Malta

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Sometimes a feature that Captain Amel added to his designs excapes all of us until we modify it. If you modify the Lofrans by adding foot switches, you have added 2 holes to the deck. If you remove the switches from the top of the windlass, continue reading...
About 6 months ago an unoccupied 58' catamaran began dragging in high winds. It was coming down on the two boats on our starboard side. One of the threatened boat owners and I jumped into our dinghies and went to the cat. In the end, we were able to reset the anchor, but it would have been much easier and better, if we had some control of the windlass other than manual control.
BTW, the owner of the second threatened yacht came over and thanked us, the captain of the dragged yacht was fully aware of what happened, and the cat was flying an ensign of a English speaking country, but had nothing to say to anyone as he left the anchorage at full throttle.
I respect everyone's opinion and their right to modify, but I would urge you to sit on a modification idea for at least a year before drilling, cutting, or filling.
At least one renowned member of this group will tell you that I "desecrated" BeBe by adding a solar arch. I sat on that modification for 6 years before implementation, and did not do anything until I was sure of the design.
Bill Rouse
BeBe Amel 53 #387
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