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Beaute Olivier

Good evening Tony,
the symptom for replacing the foam seals is that you see water coming in around the shaft tube on top of the box where the lower part (gear-box and propellers) slides up and down. This may happen only while sailing because the hole is located 10 cm above water line.
There is one seal on top of the box and one or two seals underneath.
You should change the oil of the gearbox every two years. The drain plug is located at the bottom of the gear-box (access from outside, after removing one prop). Should the oil show mayonnaise (mix of oil and water), you should replace the propeller output shafts lipseals. The oil filling from the top of the container is very slow. Some mechanics will find a way to inject oil from the bottom drain plug....
You should also check the magnetic sensors of the lifting strut. Are they tight? Are their connections OK? Check also the connections on the big solenoid switches, they may get loose because if vibrations.
Bon courage.
Olivier BEAUTE.

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Kent' description was for maintenance of a Super Maramu bow thruster... Your maintenance will be different for a 54.
Can a 54 owner add to this?
Bill Rouse
BeBe Amel 53 #387
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Many thanks Kent - your points are well taken.


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Hi Tony.  Most of us do maintenance on the thruster every time we haul out.  Change the foam seals, change the prop shaft seal, change the oil, change the nylon bolts that secure the prop.  If the foam seals fail you will get water in the forward bilge. If the prop shaft seal leaks you will have water in the oil.  The nylon bolts could fatigue so it's a good idea to go ahead and change them while you're hauled out.
See the excellent description of how to do this maintenance in the files section of this site.
I assume that it's the same for 54s as it is for SMs, someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

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Hello Everyone,

The bow thruster on my 2008 Amel 54 (#102) appears to be working perfectly. But.....I believe that these bow thrusters do require periodic maintenance. I regularly replace the anodes as and when necessary, however:

1) Should I re place the foam seals ? I have a set on board, but what are the symptons that they need replacing and what is the procedure ?

2) Are there any other seals I should replace ?

3) What are the main symptons of the bow thruster malfunctioning ?

I am concerned because I sail in the Ionian Islands, Greece, and I'm very often short handed and often single handed. I rely on the bowthruster totally for stern to mooring.

Thanks in advance for any comments.

Tony Robinson, Catriona R.

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