Re: Prop Shaft Electrolysis


Hi and Happy Holidays to all!

I finally heard from Amel about my C Drive.  It was sent to the supplier in France who repaired it, but found that the bearings were too loose for them to be comfortable sending it back to me.  They are going to send me a new one which will take several weeks to build and will cost 2930 Euros plus taxes and shipping.  That's a lot less than I anticipated.  I should receive it in Feb if it doesn't get stuck in Customs again.


While it looked like something that could have been repaired in the US, Joel strongly urged me to send it back to Amel for inspection and repair.  Thank you for that recommendation, Joel, I'm not sure that anyone here would have recognized the tolerances required of this proprietary Amel drive.


I guess I'll be sailing by this Spring.


Steady as she goes,




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