Mizzen roller furler gearbox in an AMEL Mango

Jose_Luis Isasi

Dear all. Merry Christmas!

For those of you that love solving riddles, quizzes and apparently impossible problems:

Juan, owner of Mango n 56 (Tortola V) has sent me a special request for translation. He is in Cartagena de Indias and he has an issue with the manual gearbox for the mizzen roller furler. It is jammed and he needs to dismount it in order to service it.

Looking at the photographs is easier to understand but basically in order to remove the gearbox, it is first unscrewed from the mast and from the furler spar. I have added a couple of pictures in the files section under folder TORTOLA V (AMEL MANGO) ( I copy the link here): https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/amelyachtowners/files/TORTOLA%20V%20%28AMEL%20MANGO%29/

The gearbox has 2 shafts, one for the handle, that crosses the mast, and another one that is introduced into the roller furler spar. The shafts form an L shape one with the other.

So he cannot move it down because the shaft for the handle is crossing the mast, and he cannot move it backwards because the shaft for the furler is inside the spar, pointing up and refraining from moving sideways.

He kindly asks advice from other user´s experience, of course he does not wish to remove the mast to do this. He wrote in French to AMEL  but he has not received an answer.

Could possibly some of you help him with ideas?

Thank you very much.


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