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jrjrjrouse2000 <judyrouse@...>

Since Yahoo strips out the email addresses in these posts, would you
please send Olivier Beaute's email address to me at:
judyrouse "at"



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Hi Judy,

Welcome to the Amel fraternity. If you want parts, contact Olivier
Beaute in
La Rochelle via email amel@a... (or by phone or fax). Olivier
excellent English and is most helpful. Delivery is normally by DHL
or, if
you prefer by post .

I have enclosed my details on Amel below.

Happy Sailing

Ian Shepherd SM 414 Crusader

Chantiers AMEL
16, rue Joseph Cugnot
BP 15 17 182

Tél. : +33.546.55.17.31

Fax. : +33.546.45.43.03

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