Half Hull Model of Super Maramu


We're thinking of having a half hull model built to mount on the main
bulkhead in the saloon. Here's what we've found out:

A traditional half hull model from www.halfhulls.com is US$445 plus
S&H. Halfhull is 18" (45 cm) long mounted on a solid mahogany
backboard 24" (61 cm) long. The price includes color matching the hull,
bootstripe, cove stripe, and nonfouling bottom paint. One month to
To add the cockpit and cabin, the price is US$990 plus S&H. Two months
to build.
For a full 2 foot long model with rigging (with custom display case)
price is around US$8,000, and it'll take six to twelve months to build.
If you're interested, contact: Jim Fraley (jimfraley@halfhulls.com).

All the best to everyone,

Richard Tate
SM #5 Spice

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