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Mike Ondra

The idea of oil for the gear box is appealing. Other gear boxes on the Amel
are oil (bow thruster, windlass, c-drive). On the other hand, it would seem
the furling and outhaul gear boxes come greased, not oiled, indicating the
manufacturer's preference. Googling the topic, this seems to be an ongoing
debate in the realm of machinery lubrication.

Although varying from the original grease solution is somewhat
uncomfortable, our tendency is to try the oil approach after the rebuild.
Worst case scenario is a drip and then to redo the lubrication with grease.

This will rely upon the 3 lipseals and the very thin o-ring on the end cap
of the worm drive for containing the oil. The last step in the reassembly
process would be the worm drive endcap after filling the gear box with gear
oil at least half full so that all the moving parts are half submerged. Not
sure if thermal expansion of the oil would create pressure and push oil past
the seals, but perhaps this is minor and absorbed by the air cushion.

Thoughtful comments are appreciated. Should we execute this experiment, I
will later inform the forum of the results.

Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year to all.

Mike Ondra

Aletes SM#240

Sent: Monday, December 22, 2014 2:45 AM
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Outhaul gearbox rebuild

I did this, but shortly after our outhaul gearbox died...not because of the
grease nipple I'm sure but because of age and lack of grease because of
leaking seals.

If you do do it, I would put the hole for the grease nipple on the low side
of the worm port side, and the vent hole on the high starbd side,
at least then you'd be fairly sure that you had some grease in the gears.

There's no problem using a Zerck nipple just have a 5mm tapped hole and put
the nipple in when you need to use it and replace it with a nylon
bolt....same on the vent side.

An engineer of some experience said to me that grease is really the wrong
kind of lubricant for this application. It tends to get thrown off the gears
and ends up in the extremities of the gear case. You might be better off
taking off the top of the gearbox, filling it with SAE90 Hypoid gear oil and
putting the top back on. At least then you would be sure to have lubricant
between the gears at all times.

I just bought a new Leroy Somer box for my outhaul via a contact on this
forum and interestingly on the build plate it says "lubricated for life"
...but it doesn't say lubricated with what.

I think in the future I will open up the box every couple of years, clean
it, inspect it and fill it with oil !

Good luck !



SV Elyse SM437

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