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We use the aluminium since we want the rivets to brake before any other damages. If we remeber right, the first rivets was ordered from Amel and they were aluminium. They are easy to replace if you have the tool onboard. Which we recomend you to have!

Are you continuing south after your mast replacement? We will go slowly north grom Grenada to St Martin. Leaving St Martin for Europe in Mid late April, if you want to meet, which would be nice! Just look for the Amel SM With the swedish flag and a yellow dinghy on aft deck.

S/Y Lady Annila SM232

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Hi, Ann-Sophie,
I don't remember where I read it, but someone on this forum a few years ago (I think) said that the rivets were aluminum, and by design would break before the foil was damaged if something got stuck at the top of the mast.  I am about to remount my jib furler and was going to use aluminum rivets.

Does anyone remember this?  Olivier?  Joel?

Still on the hard in Fernandina Beach, FL awaiting my new C-drive from be shipped after Jan 1.

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Hi Gary
I don't remember the exact amont of ball bearing for the swivel, but if you look in the document in the Files section it specified there. I would also recommend you to replace the GRP tube that also os mentioned in the document. 

The rivets has the size of 6,4 x19 mm 

Best regards
S/Y Lady Annila SM 232 from 1998.

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Hello to all contributors to this forum:

I am headed to Antigua in a few days to install all new standing rigging on my Hulll #335 SM, built 2001.  I purchased the entire replacement rigging, right down to the clevis pins, from ACMO (Sylvie was extremely helpful) and it was air freighted from France to Antigua (3 days enroute, a week to clear customs and make its way to my boat).

I have been pursuing this forum for specifications on items I will need and thus far find the following:

Top Swivel Specifications: Torlon 10 mm ball bearings. (actual diameter on the Harken web site of 9.5 mm)  - Quantity:  26 balls per row, times two rows (total 52 balls) for the swivel at the head of jib sail foil.

Rivets for jib foil extrusion to furling motor swivel (the grooved cast swivel that engages the furling motor gearbox via a latching pin):  As I have searched this site I see that Joel Potter indicates that Amel used Monel (also known as stainless steel) rivets.  I could not find that anyone posted the size of these rivets (both diameter and length).  Quantity required:  8

NEED TO KNOW:  Diameter and Length of these Monel rivets

If there are other specifications related to this job please chime in and I will compile them into a document that can be placed in the files section.  This hopefully will save members having to endure the cumbersome search that I just went through. 

Best to all, 

Gary Silver
s/v Liahona

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