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Hi Roy,

I am impressed with your painting job!
Did you use masking tape? and what do you mean by
"one-part Polyurethane"?
I am definitely going to do the same as the fading
paint is an eyesore.

Thanks, Michael Grunstein (#345)

Hi Michael,
Thanks for the compliment. The best description of the process
was posted by Ann Harsh of Harmonie on Sept 6 2003, under subject:
Deck Grooves. Do a search on this site to find that posting.
We used the Embee Striper, a small brass wheel (roller) with a 1
oz. glass paint bottle attached. We used the 3/16 in. width brass
wheel, which required just two passes on the grooves to fill them
with paint. No masking tape is needed -- the groove is sufficiently
depressed from the deck to keep the brass wheel and the paint
contained. Use the edge of the groove to guide the roller. Do a
Google search on "Embee paint striper" and you will find suppliers --
typically art supply stores. We bought the kit with 8 different
brass wheels, but only used one. You will also need a small brush
for the corners and other hard-to reach places like under cleats.
The paint we used was Pettit EasyPoxy One-part Polyurethane
Enamel. Interlux sells a similar paint: Brightside One-part
polyurethane enamel. One-part means you don't have to mix two
components and hope they don't "set" before you finish painting. As
the painting takes time, this type of paint just makes it harder.
You'll have a hard time finding a brown color to match Amel's
original gelcoat color. Use black -- it looks great! Get a quart of
the proper paint thinner, as you'll need it to clean up spots where
the paint goes over the edge of the groove. Use a clean cloth and a
fingernail. Finally, get a 10-oz.(or so) plastic squeeze bottle with
a small spout to refill the 1-oz. glass bottle -- nothing else works.
Thanks again to Ann Harsh who showed us the way.

Roy on Excalibur SM#195

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