Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Holding Tanks in Amel Santorin

georges pellegrini <dji314@...>

On my 96 Santorin this has been done by Amel for the forward head.
The tank is fitted behind the panel, just below deck and forward of the
separation where the little cabinet is (the one with mirror doors). It
is true that it is a special tank. No more that a resin box that holds
about 10 gallons.
It has 3 hoses attached to it:
-One on top, coming from the head
-one on top going through the deck, for flushing and inspection, and
closed with a cap with vent.
-one at the bottom going to the valve then through the hull.
If you leave the vave open, it works as a regular head. If you close
the valve, you use the holding tank.
Georges, Santorin Greenlight

On Feb 3, 2006, at 10:29 AM, oceanhobo1 wrote:

We want to install holding tanks in our 1998 Santorin, Amel inform us
that the tanks fitted to the SM will not fit the Santorin, and that we
have to have them specially made.

Has anyone had this done?.  We would appreciate any information on how
and best place to fit them. We are berthed at present in Spain.


Ken on OceanHobo1


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