Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Holding Tanks in Amel Santorin

Robin Cooter <robincooter@...>

When we purchased our boat (Santorin 004) we knew that we would have to fit holding tanks as we were going to the U.S. A friend had one tank fitted to his Santorin by AMEL and I worked out that I could have two fitted for the price of his one! I measured up the space - quite difficult as the centre, athawtships, partitition was still in place. I ordered the tanks and took them out to St Raphael where a local shipwrite, very familiar with AMELs fitted them. He had to cut the fibreglass tape holding the front panel on and then cut away the centre partition before fitting the tanks. The size is not absoloutely perfect but it is not a bad fit. If I have an E-mail address I can sent you an attachment from my boat's information file with a couple of photos. In the first photo you can clearly see the fit of the forward tank. The sanitation hoses are clearly visible, the pumpout goes to the deck which shows the clearance between the top of the tank and the deck. There is also
a ventilation pipe that goes from the top to a "covered" hole at the top of the hull. This is important in order to slow down bacterial build op and the attendent smell. It also helps if you have guests who forget to empty the tank and try to overfill it as it acts as an emergency overflow! The information is on how to change the pipework. I like the system as you can use the toilet as a "straight through" system whilst at sea and as a holding tank in port and there are no pumps etc. It's worked o.k. for us for 6 years.

We are off abroad on Wednesday and would not be able to send you the infor for a coulpe of months so if it might be of any use please let me know ASAP.

Robin Cooter

oceanhobo1 <> wrote: We want to install holding tanks in our 1998 Santorin, Amel inform us
that the tanks fitted to the SM will not fit the Santorin, and that we
have to have them specially made.

Has anyone had this done?. We would appreciate any information on how
and best place to fit them. We are berthed at present in Spain.


Ken on OceanHobo1


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