Re: Prop Shaft Electrolysis


Bill asked if I would get the name of the company that built the C Drive for case at some point Amel was no longer in business.  I asked Maud for the name of the company and contact information so I could contact them directly to ask what they thought caused the damage to my prop shaft and what the problem was that made the drive unrepairable.

She politely told me that "It is not possible to contact the company that worked on your old C-drive directly but as previously explained the play in the bearing support was too important."

Soooo, it sounds like they don't want us to be dealing directly with the machine shop that builds the Cdrive.
I'm sure that if Amel went out of business, Joel or Olivier would help us contact them.

I would like to know in more detail about the problem with the "bearing support", and if that was in any way related to the electrolytic damage (ie was there damage to the bearing as well?)


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