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I happy new year to all. 
Well you're checking those few lines you might also want to check all of the hose clamps especially those connected to the salt water intake.  Overtime they corrode and lose their power. Several owners have had flooding occurred in the engine room as a result of failing on the Amels and other  boats. 

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When I returned to the boat after 6 months of hurricane storage in Antigua, I found a large oil stain on the ground opposite the bilge pump outlet, which I had left on in automatic mode.  Turns out that the diesel hose running from the dual Racor filters to the engine had ruptured (it looked like mush) and drained the main fuel tank into the bilge.  

The previous owner had installed an aluminum auxilliary tank in the life raft locker and I had left that tank isolated by closed valves - so the 240 liters in that tank did not drain.  Lessons learned: 1. examine the state of all fuel lines and replace before they rupture and 2. turn off the valve to the main tank (and the return line) before leaving the boat for along time.

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