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Interesting, Trevor.  Thanks for educating us.  While I do understand and suspected this was the case, it would be nice if I/we could get answers to questions like mine.
I have no problem getting proprietary parts from Amel.  I do wish that they were a bit more responsive.
Thanks again to all of you who fill so much of that gap.

Happy New Year!
SM 243

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Dear Kent,

                Happy new year. Something to always keep in mind when dealing with Amel is the very structure of the enterprise is like our boats, unique. Amel is a co-operative. That was the Captain's legacy to his employees.
The employees own the company and as such have a vested interest in ensuring that they keep as much knowledge as possible strictly within the company. It protects their profitability and their future. There are numerous small specialist companies around La Rochelle that would fail without the support of the factory.
In 2007 I spent three months on the Amel pontoon onboard Seafever. During that time I walked and cycled daily around La Rochelle meeting all sorts of tradesmen
and service companies.As a businessman I continually asked informed questions similar to yours. Everyone that I spoke with was very polite. Not one single company worked or provided information outside the Amel remit and the billing charges wether from the factory or the service company were similar.
There was an iron ring of loyalty from all concerned towards the factory. I think were we do gain is that  kind of intense loyalty does manifest itself in the quality of our boats.
Best regards,
Seafever  of Cuan - still for sale


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