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--- Hi Eric,I don't know if I am answering your query in the
correct manner, but among the extras we had or are going to have
fitted were the following:
1Water filter in the galley
2Holding tanks
3 Third halyard ( for a genniker)
4 Rope cutter on the prop shaft
5 Second autopilot
6Laptop shelf on the chart table
8Scuba compressor and tank holder
9TV wiring to fore and aft cabins
10Bimini top, half cover and winter cover for the cockpit
11Crash bar for the galley
12Diesel heater
13Stainless handles on transom
14Larger Propane locker--2 X 13lb bottles
15Mizzen aerial for gsm phone
16 SSB radio ( I have since added an Iridium with outside aerial
for which you would need a docking station--useful to fit at the
outset if the choice appeals)
17CD storage rack in the aft cabin
18 2 shelves in the forward hanging locker
19Additional 220 volt outlets at the charttable , in the saloon
and in the engine room
20 Additional 12 volt outlet to starboard of the companionway --
useful for charging a phone
21 12oo Watt inverter
22 Hot water for the cockpit shower
23Hella fans--I fitted 4 but I see someone else recommends many
24 Lock on the aft cabin door
25White bilges ( a pet gripe of mine--why do all boatbuilders
paint their bilbes a dark colour? They cry out to be white so you can
see that dropped nut, cockroach, mouse or whatever. To be fair , Amel
do paint most of their bilges white but they extended the area for
me )
26Extra reading lights in the saloon ( provided by us). We like to
read and find that as time passes we need brighter lights to do so
comfortably. The lighting on the SM is very good , but even so it can
be improved if you find the same sort of need that we have.
27 Twin Racor fuel filters with a crossover switch, fitted
between the fuel tank and the engine. I have never had a fuel problem
on my previous two Amels, but have used them only in Europe. Malcolm
McLaren, who now has a SM ,organised a round the world rally and
fitted these filters to his own boat ( then a Moody) and two others
and those were the only three out of about 18 not to suffer from
dirty fuel at some stage. I also copied his use of a coarse filter
fitted upstream of the fuel tank
28 I am also fitting a Seame active radar responder to my Mizzen,
following good reports from the latest Arc race. Had it been
available at the time I would have had it fitted by Amel.
29 I am also a fan of the Spade anchor--it fits well. It is
nothing to do with Amel, but Spade did deliver it direct to La

I hope this list may be of some interest . I expect I have missed
out a few items but Laurent Laborde, who gave us the usual wonderful
Amel service , will have a full list. I don't think there's anything
I'd change but Judy would have fitted the Corian worktop in the
galley had we known about it, though our list of extras was somewhat
straining the system as it was. I wouldn't claim that our list is in
any way exhaustive: we always find it fascinating to see what other
boats have which we have completely overlooked. ( though I might be
tempted to look at a flat screen, DVD, Bluetooth etc if I were
starting today.....).
Am about to buy a genniker and would be interested to hear from
anyone who already uses one--the 140 square metres suggested by
Amel's sailmaker does seem huge. Ours will be somewhat more modest.

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are there any other things you would suggest a new amel owner
look out for?
any special spares to order or options?

--- In amelyachtowners@y..., rbenven44 wrote:
Hello Ian & Judy,<br>I have SM #195, and have had
the oil drip from the gearbox/engine junction since
day 1. I have been told that trying to fix it is not
worth the effort, and may make it worse. So I wipe it
up after every few days of motoring. Gives me an
excuse to clean everything else down there and look for
serious problems.<br>Roy

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