Re: [Amel Yacht OwnersAfter Market Service

Beaute Olivier

Good evening and happy new year,

Maud just had a baby, this is why some of you had to deal with Emilie during the "temporary replacement".
Maud should be back in January. Imagine that Emilie, who was new to AMEL boats, had to struggle a bit to understand all of your queries, with all the particulars of the AMEL boats.
Last year, Colette (the other SAV secretary) retired. This may explain why there's a little more delay in the SAV responses.

I'm sure this will shortly come back to normal. Be patient and for those in urgent need of parts/advice, don't just send an e-mail but also give them a short call (to say you've sent an e-mail).

Fair winds to everyone!!!

Olivier BEAUTE.

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