Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Holding Tanks in Amel Santorin

Craig Briggs

Ken -
A prior owner of our boat, "Sangaris" (Hull#68-1992), did an
installation similar to Robin's except the full wall panel was
removed so that after the tank was installed on the middle shelf and
the full original panel put back in place it kept the original
appearance. You can't get to the tank without some dissembly, but
not a problem so far.
Unfortunately, you loose storage space and destroy the monocoque
structure Amel intended by having the full panel bonded in place. I
think a better solution would be a Raritan Saniflush/holding tank
combo installed under the towel rack next to the toilet, with some
finish paneling over it for appearance sake. It would give you easy
maintenance access and avoid the downside of cutting out the panel.
Plus that space is only handy for hanging towels - you could stil
have a foot or so above the unit. You could also nudge it a bit under
the sink.
By the way, I replaced all the hose with PVC piping and flexible
rubber couplings to the thruhull, toilet, tank & Y-valve. It works
great, is easier to work with than hose and NEVER smells. I run
muriatic acid through it periodically to disolve salt buildup -
(which works with hose, too.)
Good luck,
Craig Briggs

- In, Robin Cooter <robincooter@...>

When we purchased our boat (Santorin 004) we knew that we would
have to fit holding tanks as we were going to the U.S. A friend ...
had to cut the fibreglass tape holding the front panel on and then
cut away the centre partition before fitting the tanks. ....
Robin Cooter

oceanhobo1 <ken@...> wrote: We want to install holding tanks in
our 1998 Santorin....> Has anyone had this done?. We would
appreciate any information on how
and best place to fit them....
Ken on OceanHobo1

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