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I have not seen the Amel covers but I had impression they were somewhat tight fitting. The PVC pipe I used was quite a bit larger than the wire so as not to trap anything. Nathan Bossett who is on this list and now owns my former boat could say exactly but I think perhaps the inner diameter of the PVC is 20 or 22mm. It was open on the bottom so water could run freely. 

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Hello Dave,

I am not so sure that the Amel covers are that tight. I use the large (12mm) ones on all the main mast lowers which provide a fairly loose fit. What size tubing are you using?

Ian SM414 (2003) Crusader Cyprus

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Many riggers recommend against the use of tightly fitting covers over standing rigging. I agree with them. What I use on the lower sections to prevent sheets from chafing is some PVC pipe from the hardware store. If you don't wish to remove any fittings, you can slit the PVC with a saw and then use some tie-wraps which can be covered with vinyl tape. 

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