Super Maramu Rigging tension

Terence Singh

I am sheepishly writing this as I feel that this topic has been addressed numerous times with many responses.

Old age may be creeping in on my side as I am still unable to sift through all the information and find a definative method for adjusting the tension to a correct set point on our standing rigging.

I hear the following from previous comments

-  masts must be vertical in relation to the deck. 

- Rigging must be tight, tighter than conventionaly built boats

- No bend in the masts at all

Can anyone help me simply understand what tight rigging means? How do I simply know when to stop turning the turn buckles.

Any help here would help put my wifes mind to rest as Dena continually asks this question of me.

Many thanks


SV Libby

SM#196 San Diego

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