Re: Super Maramu Rigging tension

Craig Briggs

Hi Terry and Dena,
There are a lot of good tuning guides on the internet - here's one from Selden Masts I particularly like and that you may want to look at: www dot riggingandsails dot com slash pdf slash selden dash tuning dot pdf. :    

On pg 28 they give a good method to tension the stays to 15 to 20% of their breaking strength using a simple measuring stick rather than a costly gauge. That's the "really tight" that you want and it is not subjective, which is what I suspect Dena is concerned with - I agree.  After you tension them correctly with that technique, it's easy to get the "feel" for that proper tension by hand for future checks and re-tensioning.

Craig Briggs, SN#68 Sangaris

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