In 2011 my freshwater pump failed I had plenty of spares and rebuilt it seven times neither Amel nor AMFA were remotely interested in trying to help solve the problem. I had no freshwater water pump for six weeks so the manual emergency pump in the galley proved very useful.

I couldn't get a 24volt Jabsco in Brazil. I contacted Whale and they shipped me a new experimental demand 24 volt fresh water pump to try. It failed in 45 minutes, I rang them and asked them could I strip it - "go ahead" the micro switch had failed. They put their international sales director on the phone he promised me that he would source stronger switches in USA and ship them. The switches turned up, the pump worked and has continued to work ever since with stronger pressure and much quieter running than the original freshwater pump.

It would now have over three years i.e. one thousand days of daily use and I have never had to look at it.

An unexpected bonus was a little more room in the engine room where the old pump used to be in which I store a 5 gallon oil drum. The new one is mounted on the bulkhead.

When the bilge pump joker valves needed replaced again in 2012 I removed the original pump and replaced it with a Whale gulper.  It came with a multi sized connector for the discharge pipes and took about 45 minutes to fit,I used the original switching. It emptied the bilge more quickly and quietly and again I have never touched it since.

Both pumps use less electricity than the originals.

I  visited the Whale factory to thank them and they couldn't quite grasp why I bothered for them this was normal service.

I have no connections or involvement with Whale or their employees but as far as their products are concerned my mind was made up years ago.

You be your own judge.

Trevor Lusty

Seafever of Cuan



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