Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Holding Tanks in Amel Santorin

Craig Briggs

I suspect builders have traditionally used hose to protect against
vibration and it may be quicker to install during construction. Plus
they don't have to worry about us poor buggers having to replace it
every few years!
I believe the flexible couplings I used are a relatively new product
and that removes the vibration issue. PVC has been the US household
standard for many years and its total impermeability means no odor,
Regards, Craig

--- In, Robin Cooter
<robincooter@...> wrote:
...... I'm a bit puzzled by the use of PVC pipe. We spend a great
deal of money fitting odour proof piping so why doesn't the odour
penetrate the PVC, and if it doesn't why do the builder fit expensive


Craig & Katherine <sangaris@...> wrote: Ken -
..... By the way, I replaced all the hose with PVC piping and
flexible rubber couplings to the thruhull, toilet, tank & Y-valve. It
works great, is easier to work with than hose and NEVER smells.

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