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Willem J. Kroes <willem.j.kroes@...>

Hi Jerry,

I am quite sure that Amel put 12 V 105AH deep cycle Delphi Voyager batteries in your SM.. The old brand name was AC-Delco.
Dimensions of these batteries (l x b x h): 330 x 175 x 247 mm. (lead-calcium-type)

Two years ago a new brand came on the market (for sure in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and France) with the same specifications and dimensions, but a little bit less expensive: VMF Green System type VDC 31 M: 12V 105AH deep cycle batteries with double posts (also for wing nuts). It is said that these batteries (manufactured in S. Korea) are of the same good quality as the Delphis.

You can visit the links of two dealers in the Netherlands:
(Choose from the left side menu: "stroom aan boord" and next: "accu's").

I am in the process of buying 4 of these batteries myself for my Amel Santorin at the moment in dry dock in Sardinia in Italy. I have not found dealers of either make in Italy, so I am trying to find a way of shipping these batteries from the Netherlands to Sardinia.

Best regards,

Willem J. Kroes
Amel Santorin "Kavanga"

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I need to order baterries for my 1995 SM, but I am not physically at the boat.
I need to know if anyone knows the standard size of the battery compartment
on the SM. If anyone has those dimensions, I would be very appreciative of
their input

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