Re: Satellite communication - Fleetbroadband 150


I changed to Inmarsat FleetBroadband Pre-Paid Small vessel Plan. So I activate my fleetbroadband 150 only  the weeks, when I am on the  boat. I charge  via internet , my provider is   GlobalTelesatCommunications  in England ( ) but I also contaced a company in US.
I choose this company, because  you can  ad for a few money the REDPORT-Optimizer - very usefull to make a protection between SAT-phone and  computer . You will find more informations on web ....
I only pay once activation fee,  buy a voucher  for 60 days, use it , renew , prolong or loose it.
You may make your calculations with the rates  on the website.
So I use all my units until I leave the boat. The next weeks, there is no  charge. Activate via internet for
the next holiday works well, you  buy a new  voucher, no extra activation fee.
Fair winds Wolfgang Weber      SY ELISE  Amel 54 # 162  Marina di Ragusa/It



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