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Giovanni TESTA

Hi to all,
every year I use white vinegar to fill water flow system both Yanmar and Onan for 24 H. No problem.
With Onan flow system it's also very important to check if the Mixer_ Part.No.18 155-3261-02 is not clogged with carbon deposit. 
If yes, the impeller will last less and will collapse very quickly.  
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Brick/concrete cleaner is Muriatic acid also known as Hydrochloric acid.

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Hello Bill et al,

I just spent the day at Onan UK learning about the MDKAL.  Another Amel owner was there… he had done the organising for this course.

If one wishes to do the cleaning himself, the instructor said that well diluted “brick cleaner” would do the trick in 10 minutes.

Remove the heat exchanger and immerse the unit in the above solution.  Rinse well then reinstall the component.


Jean-Pierre Germain

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I brought the heat exchanger to an automotive radiator shop. They cleaned it for me.


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What kind of acid do you use to clean the onan heat exchanger ? What concentration? Thanks
JP  Amel54

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