Patrick McAneny

Olivier, I had no carbon dust in outhaul motor but discovered that I had 16v showing on the meter when I put the positive contact on the motor housing or grease nipples on gearbox ,shut the breaker off to it and it goes down to about .06 v, motor housing on mast furler showing 6v. It seems I do have a problem I guess on the ground side, who knows, not me . There is no electric showing at the terminals at the brushes. Any thoughts would be appreciated, I am keeping both breakers off until I get this sorted out. Two Amel owners here in Prickly Bay  are trying to help me figure out my problem. It would be helpful if the boat had an electrical schematic , but this boat did not have one aboard when purchased. I have just installed new zincs ,so I am good in that regard.



SV Shenanigans

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