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Hi to all.

After 4 great years, we decided to find a new family for Atica - our Amel 54.

Luckly, Juan de Dios y Eduardo, with their lovely wives, showed up. I am sure Atica will be ok in the good hands of these two Spanish brothers that sail together. They already joined the group (as atica2015 at yahoo dot com)

I would like to thank all members for their support and wisdom. I hope I could also have been somehow usuful for some. And if you don't mind, I will stick around for a while.

Please welcome, as usual, this new family. And if you give them half what I got from this group, they will be more than happy.

I live in Brazil, as some of you already know. So if you ever decide to sail these warm and calm waters, I will be glad to assist in anything possible. You can reach me at  ediroque at gmail dot com.


(from now on, sailing in Ilha Grande- Rio de Janeiro, and living in Santos- Sao Paulo Brasil)


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