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Joel Potter showed my wife and I a new Amel Super
Maramu last week. We are very seriously considering
ordering one within the next few weeks. We hope to do some
serious couple cruising starting in the Caribbean and
moving into the South Pacific. We would appreciate your
views on:<br>1)the quality of the Amel sailing
experience<br>2)things to know about the Amel purchase experie ce
options, defects, resale value, service,financial terms,
contracting,etc). Thanks.
Two things you ought to go for are a 160 litre per min watermaker amd
a vinyl window in the bimini over the helmsmans seat so that you can
see the sails when the bimini is open.The latter is free or cheap if
ordered initially and expensive if they have to remove the bimini
afterwards to install it. I would also recommend having the
removeable backcurtain fitted to the rear of the bimini,invaluable in
poor weather and the port side of it can be folded forward on top of
the bimini to keep the sun off the helmsman.It is easily tied forward
to the clips on the fixed part.

Regards John Hollamby

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