To the AMEL owners group.

For the deck lamps on the main and mizzen, I use a military
application lamp with a hardened filament. I have them on
the boat now and I believe they are General Electric part
#4502F. They are 28 volt and I have never had one fail even
at a 30 volt surge. Any good light bulb specialty shop can
get them for you. If they are not General Electric, I will
post the correct manufacturers name shortly.

I replace all the halogen bulbs with 24 volt ZENON bulbs.
G4 series in 10 and 20 watt. They are about 90% as bright
with a softer light. Their real advantage is that, on my
last two Super Maramus, once they were in place I never had
a failure, not one. They are about 10% more expensive than
halogen but worth it. Again, any specialty lighting show
can get them or order online.

We use Causeway Lighting at 777 S.E. 20th St. here in Fort
Lauderdale. You can reach them at or by phone at (954)
764-0970. Speak with Debbie or Bob. They are checking to
see if they can get the #4502F bulb or something similar. .

I just finished a 1500 mile romp up from Martinique through
the Bahamas then home to Fort Lauderdale on my new AMEL 54,
hull # 14, HOLLIS. What a boat! I am biased, certainly,
but the boat is truly magnificent. We had every kind of
wind and weather including 60 knots++ at the eastern edge of
the Gulfstream during a strong Northwester full gale. Huge
seas at insane intervals and plenty of challenges. The boat
loves to fly at 10 knots plus (saw 17) under staysail and
reefed mizzen in 40 knots+++ of breeze. Balance and
manageability were superb. A worthy and entirely improved
successor to the Super Maramu.

Hope this helps.

All the best,
Joel F. Potter, AMEL 54, HOLLIS, hull # 14

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