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Hi Gary
As Jean-Pierre says, a wind gen is not producing much during a downwind sail. But at anchor it produces electricity both day and night.

We have 390 W solarpanels on top of our cockpit roof, and we have 2x100 W as mobile panels hanging on our rail when at anchor.
Toghether with our Silent Wind 400 wind generator we only run the diesel generator 2,5 hour a day and then our batteries are top loaded. A very windy and sunny day we keep our batteries top loaded with only naturall power. We could reduce the running time with one hour but then we have problems with producing water. We have been able to run the watermaker without using the diesel gen but the quality of the water was became not as good as we want it.

We have had our wind gen for 13 months, during the two first weeks of 2015 our wind gen produced more power than during the whole 2014. Yes it was very windy! Meaning in total it has produced some 500 Ah during those 13 months.

We have the wind gen mounted on a pole at starboard aft side. 

Annsofie & Jonas
S/Y Lady Annila, SM232
Present at Bequia, Caribbean

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Hello Gary,

We wanted to add a wind gen but upon investigation, as a RTW is done downwind, a wind generator is unlikely to produce much lecky bits during sailing.  Instead, as we'll be in largely sunny climes, we opted for solar panels mounted on a gantry which incorporates davits.  Looks OK too.

GL with your fitment.

Jean-Pierre Germain,
SY Eleuthera, SM 007

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I am thinking of adding a wind generator. Looking for recommendations on Brand/model generator to look at.

Thank you,


Bozo Cinq, S/V 44 AMEL 54

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