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Hello Mr. Macdonald. I have been selling Amel boats for Amel on this side of
the Atlantic for more than thirty years. Here are some insights I hope you
can find useful. Saint Augustine is the first real city established by the
early European explorers in what later became the United States. It is a
very interesting place, quite charming, and everyone I know who has passed
through there has wonderful things to say about it. Most folks stay longer
than they intended initially just because they enjoyed it so much. Cape
Canaveral has some things to recommend it but between the two, Saint
Augustine would be my first choice. Both is better.

Your SM 53 is not Intracostal friendly and in many places it is unusable
there. Bridge heights lower than your 65'3" ,plus antenna, in several spots.
The charted depth is quite a bit thinner than projected in most places as
funding for dredging has been inconsistent, especially in the last decade.
Only about 10% of the Intracostal is interesting, the rest is desolate
,which can have a beauty all its own, or else it is industrial. The 'Dismal
Swamp' in the desolate part is aptly named. The commercial watermen who use
'The Ditch' ,as it is called, mainly barely tolerate yachtsmen and often are
resentful for you 'getting in their way on their waterway' and the source
of their income. You can only run safely during daylight hours in most
places which limits you to 70-90 miles daily, not including unscheduled
waits for bridges that don't open on time and getting yourself unstuck when
running aground. As one of my Amel clients said after doing the Intracostal,
"I would prefer to wait until I get older and need a trawler yacht with no
mast and more reasonable draft before I ever do it again."

Other than that, I rarely have much of an opinion about anything.

Good luck with your adventure!

Joel F. Potter/Cruising Yacht Specialist LLC


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Alexander and all,

Thanks for the post re: marinas on the East Coast and for your reply to Ron
and Ineke. I intend to sail from the Bahamas to the East Coast by late March
on my Maramu #253 and enter the intracoastal waterway with a view to sailing
as far up North as time permits (probably crossing the Atlantic by mid- or
end of May). I would like to avoid southern Florida, Miami and the Fort
Lauderdale area (crowded, expensive to all accounts) and rather hit the
coast someway further North like Cape Canaveral or St Augustine even. Any

Charles Macdonald

Sailboat Inuit

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