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Hi Charles, Joel is spot on the ICW is no place for an Amel. 
St. Aug is great you can tuck in the major ports as you go along. Await a something south wind be very, very careful not to be on the Gulf Steam when it's out of the north.  (Square big  waves) 
As far as crossing early May in the North Atlantic is cold. Think about a stop in St George Bermuda the head over staying well south of 40deg out of the storm belt. Horta is great in late 
June. Fair winds 
Capt Richard Piller

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Just saw that you have a Maramu. You will still run aground more than you
will enjoy.

Joel F. Potter/Cruising Yacht Specialist LLC


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Paul and Susan,

My Maramu is 17m in hight and 1.8 m in depth. this seems OK for all bridges
in the waterway. A Supermaramu would probably not fit the requirements,


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We looked at the inter coastal waterway and determined that we were too deep
and our mast too high to make a transit. We went outside.
Paul & Susan LaFrance
Currently in ST Martin


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Alexander and all,

Thanks for the post re: marinas on the East Coast and for your reply to Ron
and Ineke. I intend to sail from the Bahamas to the East Coast by late March
on my Maramu #253 and enter the intracoastal waterway with a view to sailing
as far up North as time permits (probably crossing the Atlantic by mid- or
end of May). I would like to avoid southern Florida, Miami and the Fort
Lauderdale area (crowded, expensive to all accounts) and rather hit the
coast someway further North like Cape Canaveral or St Augustine even. Any

Charles Macdonald

Sailboat Inuit

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