Re: Wind Generator


We have an Air Breeze, installed by the previous owner on our Maramu.  Mounted on a SS pole at the stern on the port side.  Right above the aft cabin.  I have to disable it at night due to vibration and a low moan/hum.  Its spins very quiet but the hum is way loud.  I have fussed and fussed to try and eliminate the moan/hum but its worse than having an obnoxious poltergeist.  If I had a shotgun, the wind gen would probably die violently.

We have used solar panels on prior boats.  When I have the time and $$ I will install panels on the Maramu. 

Bill and Andrew are correct.  Panels are a way better solution.  I would not myself buy and install a wind-gen until I had invested in as many panels as I could conveniently mount.  With the panels be sure to get a top quality charge controller.

Curt Epperson
SV Languedoc
1987 Maramu

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