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I must correct my self, misunderstod my husband.

Our Silent Wind 400 has produced around 1100 Ah the last 13 months. During that time we have done one Atlantic crossing and been in an area without wind for 5 months (chaguaramas, Trinidad).
The wind gen is a greate suppliment to the other power sources on board. 

The resonance is easy to get rid of. Fill the pole with pipe insulation. You know the grey foam saussages with a hole in the middle, very much like a noodle. Pull the cables inside the hole in the insulation and no more irritating humming sound.

Also you can not compare a wind gen you bought 10 years ago, not even one you bought 3 years ago. The development have taken a hugh step forward.

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We too have an Air Breeze installed by the previous owner. It is very cleverly mounted on the port side rail just a little forward of the mizzen mast. We do not have any vibrations due to the mount. I have to agree about the hum, There is no getting around it. The most annoying part of the hum is it is not consistent. It goes up and down in tone and stops and starts.

When at anchor we will let it run during the day but can’t tolerate the hum at night. It needs wind in excess of 10 knots to generate enough to register. If the wind is strong enough, over 15 knots, it will offset the need to run the genset and keep up with the demand of the refrigerator/freezer.

I believe a combination of Solar and wind is the way to go. We have not added solar, yet. But when we do, we will keep the Air Breeze.

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We have an Air Breeze, installed by the previous owner on our Maramu. Mounted on a SS pole at the stern on the port side. Right above the aft cabin. I have to disable it at night due to vibration and a low moan/hum. Its spins very quiet but the hum is way loud. I have fussed and fussed to try and eliminate the moan/hum but its worse than having an obnoxious poltergeist. If I had a shotgun, the wind gen would probably die violently.

We have used solar panels on prior boats. When I have the time and $$ I will install panels on the Maramu.

Bill and Andrew are correct. Panels are a way better solution. I would not myself buy and install a wind-gen until I had invested in as many panels as I could conveniently mount. With the panels be sure to get a top quality charge controller.

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