Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Wind Generator


On my Sharki I have a solar panel 45W (?) prop generator, and a wind generator that were factory installed when she was built in 1988.  since Msr. Amel went to the Santorin, Maramu's etc, the Sharki was protoype for for self sufficiency.   Thus far, in the 9 months I have owned my boat I have had no troubles with getting GO juice whilst under sail or away from the dock.  Between the three, I seem to be able to meet my electrical needs.  

No one system is better over the other; combined they provide a more comprehensive solution to electrical generation.  Yes I would like to add larger solar panels, but this may prove impractical.  For now the combined systems seem to be enough for me. 

I did replace my batteries with AGM's and a new Batt charger.  650 AMP hrs are available. That said, Amel's are anything but energy misers. 

Just my observations thus far....

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